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Why it is Important Testers Address Ourselves Properly

I have just spent the last 2 hours explaining to the management in my organisation why we failed to resource testers for our on-going project. This has severely delayed test preparation activities and probably will delay the project. 

My employers have gone out to advertise for the role of Cerner Test Analysts. After 6 weeks of advertisement, there was not a single application for the role. Surprised, i was summoned to come and explain the way forward. The advertisement went out from the HR who has no idea who a tester is or what Testers do.

My explanation was painful as i should not be explaining this but this is where we are. There are no such thing as a Cerner Test Analyst, or a Finance test Analysts or Insurance test Analysts. What the advert should have said is a Test Analyst with experience of testing clinical applications preferably Cerner.

I do see a lot of job openings and advertisements run for weeks and the positions were never filled, because the position to be filled is worded wrongly and no one will apply for the role.

This is why it is important for us testers, to address ourselves properly and ensure we also correct others to address us properly. Calling ourselves the wrong names or titles simply walk opportunities past us, this is a downside for any of us looking for jobs. On the project side, this is one of the reasons why project fails, at the end of the day after advertising the role forever and no one applied, the positions will probably be filled with round pegs in square holes. We can all avoid this - together, we need to educate ourselves and others about this. 

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